Flick is the owner and a tattoo artist at Art On Skin Tattoo Gallery. Her work is detailed and precise and covers a large variety of styles from portraits and realism to Japanese and traditional.



 "After completing my Honours degree in Forensic Chemistry at UTS and awaiting an interview at Sydney University to study Medicine, I realised my dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Decorating my skin with beautiful body art and expressing who I am and my story through my ‘ink’ is more important to me than pursuing a career in an industry like medicine, that doesn't always allow self-expression or accept visible tattoos.


I have a huge appreciation for creative arts and have practiced art and music from a young age. Rather than following through with plans to study Medicine, I changed direction and completed a tattoo apprenticeship.


I have been tattooing professionally for ten years on Sydney's Northern Beaches before opening my first studio in 2014. I hope that Art On Skin Tattoo Gallery and the work created here will help change people’s perception about tattoos and the tattoo industry."  - Flick


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