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Includes high quality surgical steel jewellery
Lobes $30 e/a $45/pair                        

Basic Cartilage $60
Forward helix $60                        

Tragus $65                                                

Rook $65                                         

Daith $70
Industrial  $90                                            

Nostril $60
Septum $70
Navel $65 

Body Piercing
Art On Skin is the best place for piercing on Sydney's North Shore. Our friendly and experienced piercer Shauna is available Fridays & Saturdays at Art On Skin for all your piercing and jewellery needs (Tues/Weds/Thur by prior appointment only) . For bookings and enquiries contact:   or  instagram @shaunawaddups
All piercings are done in our VIP private room with single use disposable needles and high quality autoclave sterilised body jewellery.  Numbing cream and special jewellery orders can be requested at the time of booking. We do piercings for children but sorry, no babies or toddlers.


Eyebrow $65  

Lip $70
Webbing $70
Lip $70
Tongue $75
Cheek $80 each $120 pair

Nipple $80 
Dermal $80
Female genital $120